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Hallo guys,

is somewhere documented how to modify a Sws.exe file in order to change the format of the european cup (in Career mode)? I would like to extend the European Cup to 32 partecipants, but could not find the way.
I could manage to find a way to create the following formats:

- no initial groups, just knockout from the beginning
- no quarter finals, 2 groups of 4 teams instead

Some details:
European Cup starts at about address 0x14C166 (the byte is 0x1, it means "seeded") of the exe.
Then at some point there is a number of stages (address 0x14C16B, default value=4) and, for each stage, three bytes: 1) Number of groups (0 = knockout); 2) Number of teams per group; 3) number of qualified to next stage. Later there is one byte for each eventual knockout stage (0x14 = single match; 0x94 = 2 Legs). The original hex string should be like this (observe: 4 groups of 4, 8 qualify; knockout with 8 teams, 4 qualify, etc.):

04 04 08 00 08 04 00 04 02 00 02 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 94 94 14

Unfortunately I could not manage to extend the European Cup to 32 teams. According to a really old post in another forum ( www.freeforumzone.com/d/1965657/Champion...ra-/discussione.aspx ) somebody managed to get it with the European Cup as Preset Competition. Maybe is also possible in the Career mode?
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