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Interview with St.Vitus

1) At what time you played SWOS the first time, and on which Systen?
I discovered SWOS back in late 2008 when I had to kill some time at Malaga Airport. I got plenty of MegaDrive Roms on my GP2X Handheld (, then I started a rom called SensibleSoccer by random...

2) When and how you find to
After finding out Sensible Soccer exists, I was looking for other versions and so I found in a short time via Wikipedia.  There I also discoverd the updated version called SWOS and so I got in touch with the Amiga Version.... I already knew Kailliera from MAME and C64Emu, so it was fun for me to setup the online play...

3) What do you think about the community
It's impressive to see so many players from different countries, still playing a more than 20 year old game. Most of them are idealists with tons of patience explaining new players f.e. how to play online. This seems to be unique, at least for me. A highlight to me for sure was to meet and play vs Jon Hare 2013 on SensiDays in Berlin.

4) You are a very active member and admin, what do you like on your work?
I'm managing the ASL Leagues together with Rock And Roll for a few years now. Due to private reasons, I don't have much time but thanks to ElMichaJ the new website allows me to make changes or even new setups in minutes.

5) Can you describe the differences between online and offline playing?
Offline games are more "straight in your face" without any lags. It feels quicker, faster and you have more "Arcade-feeling". However, moves you can make online are harder to make offline and vice versa... If I can choose I would love to play offline every time. This surely is not possible so we can be very happy to be able to play online at least the Amiga SWOS. (Thx again to Redhair.)

6) how was your first offline event ?
It was back in spring 2011 when I played my first offline event. It was funny to see some of the people in real life after chatting for over 2 years. Since them I visited several events and I am always looking forward to the next.... So I think it, my first event was mostly positive... :-)
At last I will tell you this:
AndYpsilon told me in December: "It was great that I met you, so I know, it will be possible for me to play SWOS even in 10 years. (It's because of the fact I am 10 years older (nearley 42 to be honest), but I think I will try to play the game in 10 years too...) :-)

Picture with AndYpsilon, Schulle, Me (St.Vitus) and HeinAir on SensiDays 2013 in Berlin, wearing the the German WM jersey from World Cup 1954.


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