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Quick Facts:

Name: Ali Kartaloglu
Age: 28
City: Almere, Netherlands
Favorite Teams: Galatasaray
SWOS teams: Swos Turkiye
Job: Airfreighthandler
Hobbies: Soccer

Q: Hello Ali. Thanks for doing this interview for the website. Let us start from the beginning. How and when did you first get introduced to SWOS or Sensible Soccer?

Thank you too for doing a interview with me. I start playing sensible soccer '92. My cousin from Turkey send it to me. As you know sensible soccer is very popular there. Later he sent us Swos '94. For many years my brother (HakanFB) and I played those two versions. Version '96/'97 I played on

Q: When did you join the website and what was your opinion on online playing back then compared to now?

I joined in March 2008. I remember I called my brother: Hey you can play Swos online!! Amazing it was.. I start playing vs Ejder-Z. He showed how to play online. Thought I am gonna kill him, but it didn't happen. Also because I played for the first time with keypad while I played for years with The Arcade joystick. It was really hard on a keypad. (Respect for the keypad players). Lost many games I can remember. More defeats then wins. Till Sensible Days '08 I had to do with it, with a keypad. Then I bought from Redhair an adapter. After that my statistics were getting better.

Q: You are now the reigning and 2 times Amiga SWOS World champion! Will you be able to defend your title in 2014 and complete the hattrick, and who do you see as your biggest rivals for the title and why?

I think that I am able to defend my title. I want to win the next days more then the days before. None did it before to make a triple. I think same counts for Playaveli at Pc. There are a lot rivals, enough players who can beat me. Playaveli, Djowger, Marin, Lobo, Foka. But the biggest rival is ofcourse Blazej. I am sure he wants his revange. He is so good and can stop me in the air. Don't know if Coolio_Jack joins next Days, these days he is unstoppable. So biggest rivals: Blazej and Coolio_Jack.

Q: What do you think of custom tactics as opposed to standard tactics? Which do you prefer over the other and why?

Custom tactics are in advantage if the tactic is made good for your own style. Lot of players everywhere, no space, less time to think, act. It'a chaos. That is why I like more the games without tactics. It's more relaxed. But in crucial games I play with tactics. Feel that it makes me stronger.

Q: The online scene of Amiga SWOS has it its ups and downs, with people joining and quitting the leagues from time to time. What is it that keeps you motivated to still play the game – and what do you like and dislike about the SWOS community?

Jon Hare said in Berlin, this game is 21 years old and look at this, what you guys have done. That's also what I think about the online scene. Besides late in the night or morning early you can always find someone to play a game. So I am proud of it. This is motivating me to play the game. I have no dislikes in the Swos community.

Q: Who is your favorite SWOS player and why?

Coolio_Jack, because I learned a lot from him. His style and technique and everything is so perfect. Very hard to beat him..

Q: What tips will you give to “new” players on how to improve their game?

My advise to new players, keep playing online against different style players. Try to do the same what they do, till it works. Every player will teach you something.

Q: Any last thoughts or shoutouts you want to share with the SWOS community?

All join Sensible Days 2014 !!!


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