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Amiga Super League

November ’18 season of ASL


Congrats Nestoroide for winning another title!! Cementing yourself on No.3 of the all-time medal table with title No. 16! PATIGOAL,  arcisas, Nyden have been eaten by the sharks! Come back stronger, guys! [ASL1 Nov…]

Fanto tops the charts of ASL2 in November, winning promotion to ASL, together with gatifun and peppecapello! Well done, boys. Now, swim or DIE!!!!
BOCo, dear dear, taking the non-stop-elevator from ASL1 to ASL3… pushed the wrong buttons, dude? Come on, you can do better! [ASL2 Nov…]

Congrats to HairFU, without taking his hands from his pockets going straight back to ASL2.
Great debut seasons by quarenzo and titi, taking no detour and going directly to ASL2. [ASL3 Nov…]








  • Once a day from 9th to 13th June, from 20:00 to 22:00 CEST (sign-up from 19:30)



    Quick guide:




Organized by BOCo23 & Gatifun


Russia World Cup Journal – December 5th

by Gatifun & bill_bill

December 5th

Interview to the awesome and handsome Mr Gatifun (Japan), by bill_bill

1) Mr. Gatifun, 1 win, 1 loss & 3 pts so far, with 1 match to go. All in Japan’s hands to advance onto the next phase. Do you accept the responsability to bag a win in the 3rd match?

Yes, indeed. I will only have an offer to sell tamagotchis if I lose 3rd match.

2) First match defeat vs Coolio Jack’s protégée manager DoTa didn’t seem to afect your team’s spirit, since you rebounded immediately with a win.
Any change Japan can merge this psychological resilience with some of Captain Tsubasa’s acrobatics and some jiu jitsu martial art, to surprise Senegal?

We have improved focusing and good playing… Just in case, we have prepared plenty of acrobats and jiu jitsu movs. In case they are not enough, we have some little katanas hidden under shorts too.

3) What’s the plan to stop gazelle wingers Sadio Mane & Keita Baldé?

Hummm, eeehhh, uuuuuh, can you tell me tamagotchis prizes pls?

4) One final word for the fans at home?

Yeah, of course. I want world to know that Japan is not only Captain Tsubasa, Kamikazes & Samurais. It is also Matzinger Z, Dragon’s ball, Hello Kitty & Doraemon, be serius bill_bill!!!


December 5th

Open question to Mr Bomb (AUSTRALIA) after his first world cup match: Denmark (Hairfu) 1 – Australia (Bomb) 2

We were told by an anonymous source that you played a series of unofficial matches against Portugal, few days prior to the World Cup, in which you were severely beaten suffering many goals.

Was this narrow win vs Denmark an evolution from those games & is Australia a clear contender to win Group 3 or is this win just covering a profound weakness in your squad?”

We’ve just got Mr Bomb comments!

Indeed, I think this an evolution coming out of the test-match-marathon against Portugal. Bill_bill, great games man btw.!!! oops…

As new coach of Australia I did not knew my team, its strength and weaknesses so well, but now I know. SO against Denmark I putted my best Defenders (which are not defenders for being honest) in the defense, discovered the sleeping potential of some bench-players end ended up in a pretty lucky 2-1 victory which was mainly a merit of my Goalkeeper which is underestimated in my eyes.

The weakness of my team is profound, but I think I can handle this. oops… lets change topic.
Winning Group 3? Are you crazy???!! Didn’t you see how Peru ripped Denmark, and France did not even start to play! Sorry, I slept like shit tonight. Maybe we can make it to KOs,, we’ll see..



SWOS Christmas Cup 2017

by gatifun & HairFU


  • DATE: 23rd of December, 8 pm CET (one night cup)
  • SYSTEM: Amiga SWOS online
  • MODE: Groupstages, KO rounds
  • TEAMS: Lower ranked player = better team
  • PRIZE: Winner gets a MIST FPGA as price!


Higher ranking = worse team!
Lower ranking = better team!

We’ll try to make it as balanced as possible. So everyone should have the chance to win this tournament.
We will publish the list of teams a few days before the cup’s start.

When do I have to choose my team?

30 Minutes before the cup starts, you can join the chat. Here we look on your SRN points and from there you can choose your team. Note, the first player that join, can choose first, so better be there in time.

What is a MIST FPGA?

Have a look here ->  Ähnliches FotoÄhnliches Foto


December 4th


(delivered by the manager and the Kings’s spokesman, Playaveli)

  • Death penalty? YES!
  • No penalties for us? Death penalty for the referee!
  • Pitch type? Oily!
  • Temperature? 50° C
  • Women allowed in stadium? Only in Mr. Playaveli’s dressing room!
  • Alcoholic beverages? Only in Mr. Playaveli’s dressing room!
  • Air condition in Egypt’s dressing room? Disabled!
  • Match fixing with Russia? Oil pipelined!
  • Uruguay? Is that sort of a new tea brand?
  • Winning bonus for Mr. Playaveli? 1 Billion US $



    December 3rd


    “It was quite a roller-coaster game between us, the cold-blooded Vikings and hot Latinos! It started early for us with Guidetti’s slide-in goal and it seemed we took over the control. Only to be astonished by two quick Mexico’s goals putting them ahead. Guidetti managed to score from outside the box to make it even, but was followed by Mexican striker doing the same trick. 3-2 lasted until 88 min. when Guidetti made his desperate run by left sideline concluded with a wild pass inside the box, much appreciated by Berg who waited on the opposite bar to make it 3-3. Final score it was! What a game! My compliments to Arcisas for putting up a great fight. We play on! HEJA SVERIGE!!!”

    It was quite a game indeed. For the coach of the Mexico it has been likely the last chance to get his team promoted. Many teams hasn’t really started the tournament yet, but, for the descendants of the ancient Aztecs, this game was already their third, so responsibility was huge. The manager yet again didn’t make any changes neither in the starting line-up nor in the formation the team was playing. He had strong believe that these are the best players in his team. He also decided to let yet again play Chicharito from the start of the match (Chicharito did complain about his ankle, the injury that he suffered from their first game against South Korea). The game was also an interesting chance to confront two coaches of polish citizenship, Xflea and Arcisas. The course of the game has been described in details below, so there is not much to add here. One last thing, the Mexicanos would probably be out of the World Cup tournament and their coach would most likely end his brief adventure with the team from another side of the globe. Only a miracle can let them stay in the WC. But even if there is only the smallest chance, the whole Mexico is counting on it. Like princess Leia would say it: help us, Germans, you are our only hope.


    December 3rd

    Portugal’s manager speaks out

    On a recent news article, Portugal’s manager Mr. bill had controversial words on other World Cup 2018 colleagues:

    “…Its sad seeing top tier managers as Mr. Bobbie & Mr. Playavelli selling themselves to the oil money by coaching such nations, instead of looking for sound footballistic projects…”


    Furthermore, he added alegations of referees favoring Iran & Saudi Arabia during the world Cup qualifying phase:

    “…everyone saw the doubtfull penalties that were given to these 2 teams… they shouldn’t be here & this world cup is already tainted…”


    “…they lack quality players in their teams, but have deep pockets… it’s today’s football reality…”.


    December 3rd


    “Peru came to the march very mentalized, Paulo Guerrero positive for cocaine wasn’t confirmated, so he can play… ¡and scored 5 goals!, let’s hope he does not celebrate it with Colombian substances…”

    “You don’t have any chance if you not play 100% concentrated. What really can go wrong you have seen in this match.
    I think it was a miracle for them to get one of the best coaches in the history of peru in last minute, but the real miracle was our playing of today. What a shame for our team. I am really sorry for the danish people that hope for some good swos. Peru made everything right. I only can congratulate them for a perfect game.”


    December 2nd


    Just played, Dota unstopable. After a good fight on first half, with chances for both, but Dota greatly scored a good diagonal shoot from the side, then second half came and nothing to do against Dota-Lewandosky. Contratulations to the currently favourite on betting shop!!!

    I’m pretty happy to start with a win against Japan in this groupstage. I think it’s one of the hardest group. Everyone can beat everyone. In the next days we have to improve further and not lay back and say: ‘We got Lewa!’. We have to show the whole world, how good this polish team is.



    December 1st

    Opening match played: bill_bill PORTUGAL vs boco23 MOROCCO

    We got 2 early lucky goals wich made the task easier. Morocco reacted well with a quick goal, but Eder came in from the bench to seal the victory. Congratulations to Morocco on the game they made. Getting the 3 pts was important & we are now modestly confident on getting to the next phase.


    In 11th minute we were losing 2-0. We know that this result meant a hard work to get back. Our primary goal was to give one or even two goals, all powers were directed to attack. Portugal is strong team and in one of many counter attacks scored third goal. In second half we got hope for comeback because of Nani’s red card. But we are not ready yet to play all 90 minutes in the same rhythm. Our time will come… Congratulations to Portugal team and coach!





    December 1st

    Iranian fans ask the Russian journalist Maria Komandnaya, who will hold the ceremony of drawing the 2018 World Cup, to choose less revealing clothes.
    If she looks too frank and naked, Iranian IRIB television will interrupt the broadcast of the event, so the fans will not be able to recognize the rivals of their team in the group.
    According to strict Islamic laws that determine the norms of behavior in Iran, a woman can not strip many parts of the body.

    “Please choose as few sexy clothes as possible,” the Iranian fans ask Maria in social networks.

    The Iranian coach @Bobbiebobras also asked Maria to wear unprovoking clothes during the draw


    To be held in Moscow on Friday 1 December, the Final Draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will start at 16:00 CET (18:00 local time); Gary Lineker will host the event with the support of co-host Maria Komandnaya and eight high-profile draw assistants

    Gary Lineker can’t hide his happynes about hosting today swos draw, and reveal FIFA is seriously thinking of developing a football recreation of the event next summer on Russia.
    I’m higly proud has chosen me to hold the draw this evening. Gary told all journalists. I know President D. Trump wanted to be selected , the same as other vips as Roman Pope or V. Putin. I’m so glad.
    About his predilections: Sure it will be a surprising team, or maybe not he declared



    Interview with the coach of the English team, Mr Enbino

    Is Queen Elizabeth II promising great and lovely evenings to the English team if it wins? Is the MI5 trying new anti-gravity boots? Read this (or not) in the interview with English coach Mr. Enbino !!!
    Are you worried about tomorrow’s team draw?
    We have got a strong team
    and we have no worries about the draws

    Are your team prepared to ring the bell in this tournament?
    My team is on good form. The only thing we need is good concentration
    at the time of games.

    Do you feel a lot of pressure from the fans of England?
    I can use different players, so some fans
    might be suprised . England is fine i hope we score nice head goals
    and bring fun and glory to the country

    Thanks you very much and GL Mr. Enbino!


    30 November

    To be held in Moscow on Friday 1 December, the Final Draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will start at 16:00 CET (18:00 local time); Gary Lineker will host the event with the support of co-host Maria Komandnaya and eight high-profile draw assistants





    (Amiga SWOS 16/17)


    +++ PRIZES +++
    Table Top Racing (plus the two DLCs) & White Noise 2
    (PC redeem / Steam)


    Event sponsored by


    In the series of Wednesdays’ Funcups this is a special, just for our facebook friends and followers.
    Everybody is welcome to join.
    We’ll play with the online version of Amiga SWOS 16/17.
    Download it here:

    What’s it gonna be like?
    Gather in the match chat, then groups will be randomly drawn.
    Play against your opponents and try to qualify for the KO rounds.

    How to partake?
    1. Sign up on the event page!
    2. Register for an account (if you haven’t already!?):

    In the tournament, you’ll be free to pick any team of your choice.
    To add some more excitement veterans may have to pick some weaker sides… We’ll see how it goes!

    Then join the match chat of DISCORD (see ticket URL) ON TIME!

    You need some warm-up matches? Getting used to online SWOS?
    Join the chat at any time: