Russia Journal 7th – Bomb’s Australia loses WC2018 final on the back of some costly mistakes

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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January 7th

1) Mr Bomb, dispite the defeat in the final, Australia stunned the world with its performance! SWOS world managers are doing a written petition asking for your return to ASL league. Will you oblige?

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Hi Bill, thank you very much for these nice words. I am happy to hear this! Congratz to Peru again! Unfortunately this month I will have a new internet provider and I am not sure how these fuckers will perform (regarding the ping) … next month I am not able to play. Maybe I can restart in March.

2) Australia pilled on mistakes in the match’s 2nd half. Among those, a leg breaking penalty & uninspired attacking plays… or was this loss actually another one of those water tampring cases? Btw, did your gk lost his contact lens, on the 2nd goal?

Yeah, bitter this! My goalkeeper does not have anything to do with any goal… I think my defense was fallen into a deep – partly deserved! – sleep after the last 2 K.O. rounds with extra time and the deciding goal in the 119. minute (in bothe games) which caused such a big euphorie that my players couldn’t resist to spent their free time in the best clubs in the city. I guess they did not sleep a minute between quarter final and final. But guess what?! The chicks in the clubs were hot as hell!!!

3) The saying goes “no glory for 2nd placers” but in some sports, coming in 2nd place is actually quite nice… do you regret chosing football over say… cycling?

I do not regret anything! Checks … uhm ehm, I mean Chicks were nice man! It is ok for our nation that we are second, no one would be cheering more if we have been first because – I mentioned it in one of the other interviews – Football is not the most important sport. Uhm, my manager just told me I have to leave now. Sorry! Bye! Cya next time!

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