Russia Journal 22th – Last edition – Machu Picchu Spanish Nestoroide party & Galataplace’s Brazil returning home after a very good WC

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 22th – Last edition

Nestoroide only try to get fun, but he keeps scoring hard…

1) Manager Nestoroide, another 2 high scoring matchs. What’s the secret to keep scoring so many goals?

Well, Paulo shoots and the ball goes to the net, sometimes he does with the head and the ball goes to the net too. In fact i dont know anything about football, i said “yes” to be the manager cause i thought soccer was about to surfing in the caribbean. I started to suspect i was wrong when someone sayd that world cup was in Russia, but thought Russia have some land in the caribbean too.

2) Some managers raised concerns that Peruvian Shamans have been using hallucinogenic drugs to recover your players from fatigue, at a very faster rate than normal! Will you admit to this fact?

No, we didnt used hallucinogenic drugs for recover, we used it just for fun. Cause football its just a game, were here to enjoy the experience.

3) Peruvian president said he is already making arrangements for a WC20018 title celebration party, to be held in Machu Picchu, in a cerimony were Mother Earth will be praised for transmitting infinite energy to your players during matches! He also said you will be covered in Inca gold, as a token for your work! You really trick them, didn’t you?

I didnt do it for the money!, im doing it just for fun, and a little for the drugs…, by the way, why do you ask so much?, im here just to buy stuff again, how many for the pills? You make family discounts?…

Last 16 KO round: Galatapalace’s Brazil stopped by xflea’s Sweden

1) Manager Galatapalace, Brazil goes home with more conceded goals than scored. You had luxury trio Neymar, Gabriel Jesus & William & the good old Brasilian coffee to keep them awake. What else did you need?

Unfortunately we lost and we put towels in the couch. I guess this is my fault not the players’s. I wondered about brazilian dance before the match and wanted to learn samba. Somehow, We forgot to practice. There is a Turkish proverb which explains the situation: “If the imam (the religous leader) farts, the congregation will make shit” which means “If a leader makes a small mistake, his followers will then make big mistakes” I think this is the case: “what we do is shit”.

2) Tiririca, a Brazilian Clown, used slogans including “What does a federal congressman do? I really don’t know – but if you vote for me, I’ll tell ya” and “It can’t get any worse, vote Tiririca”. He became the second-most-voted congressman in Brazil’s history.
If Brazilians got fooled by such bullshiter, I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to justify the WC elimination with some Samba music act with a Pele poster in the background. Are you up for it, to save your job?

There is no need for Tririca. I’m quitting work already. But Brazilians should think about it ” at least as a manager i didn’t conceded 7 goals” like Felipe Scolari did. Plus, i don’t think he is my rival at dancing samba anymore.. I beleive, from now on, I am here at Brazil going on by dancing instead of coaching. Dance is better..

3) I’m sorry but I believe you will get fired, no matter how much Samba you dance. And sadly, due to high import taxes, a PS4 in Brazil costs roughly $1850. So it’s likely you won’t ever play Brazil again… not even in the PS4. Could life be any harder, at the moment?

I used to have PS4 which was taken from me by some of Brazilian fans after got a bashing from. At this point, The Brazilian Federation could give me some compensation but they even didn’t recognize me on face ( little bloody). They behaved me as if they had forgotten even my name. I don’t understand why that much of anger against me really.. Anyway, i called Felipe Scolari who is one of my best friend and asked him if he had LMA Manager’s floopy disks for Amiga. I have Amiga and he has floopy disks. That is all…

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