Russia Journal – 22th – Portugal sacks manager bill_bill

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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Portugal sacks manager bill_bill, in the wake of World Cup elimination vs Nesteroide’s Peru

Taking effective immediately, Portuguese Football Federation (PFF) relieved bill_bill from team management, following the quarter-final loss against Peru.

To our microphones PFF President commented on the decision:
“European Champions in title shouldn’t get eliminated by some casual mountain potato growers, nor are we in tune with Mr. bill_bill’s circus style communication. Clearly it was time for a change.”

About the match PFF President has this to say:

“About 20 min into the game Peru had already put our key players Ronaldo & William Carvalho blinking like a christmas tree & our sissy subs then decided to came in with medieval armours for protection. Needless to say that once they fell, they weren’t able to stand up ever again, so we played with minus 2 players in our lineup the rest of the way!”

We later managed to reach contact with Mr. bill_bill, who was clear in his message:

“Chubby PFF President should hit the gym!”.

Invited to adress his professional future, Mr. bill had this to say:

“No kingdom of Arabia salaries here, so another job is in order. Going to open a kids football academy back home… you know how the saying goes: those who can, do; those who can’t, teach!”

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