Russia Journal 21th – Japanese gheisa crew (photo added) – Kim Jong Un ‘s dreams…

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 21th

gatifun’s Japan secures win vs enbino’s powerhouse England and advances to the quarterfinals stage

1) As the match where managers skill level was theoretically closer, when compared with the remaining 7 matches, SWOS analysts forecast this to be a close one? How was the match, Mr. gatifun?

Yeah, Enbino’s England made a very good first half, really I was lucky. But on second half, I depeloped all my samurai soul and could make it.
Besides, we played on a hill, and I was in the higher side…

2) 52 year old Tsubasa Oozora spoke yesterday after the match, saying Japan is playing like never before! How good is to receive praising by Japan’s football hero?

Oh yes, we have trained how to show shine eyes and got a good hair cut with Tsubasa style, I think It has been the most difficult part of our trainment, but good results are coming!

3) After this magnific win you are by now adored and respected by Japanese fans back home and harakiri (Japanese ritual suicide) is now off the table! However, your bowing has increased exponentially, as you keep saluting tourist Japanese fans here in Russia, and reports say you’re having tremendous back pain. Deeply concerned by this, Japanese emperor decided earlier today to fly over a crew of 20 geisha masseuses to take care of your “health”. Japan’s quartefinals opponents managers djowGer and armandojimenez received this news with a smile on their faces, commenting your focus will never be the same as you’ll be attending these “women in need”. What response do you have for Managers djowGer and armandojimenez? Is Japan’s performance really in risk, from here on out?

I tell Armando and Djowger than help if not necessary, Japan’s manager always will take care of these poor and sad 20 geisha crew and make them happy. I will show them my personal tamagochi in order they can enjoy it as much as they wish!!! To be focused on next match is other story…

May Tsubasa’s spirit guide you to the finals, manager!

Armandojimenez’s South Korea to face djowGer’s Costa Rica, after coming in front of Germany & Mexico in Group 6

1) Recent Journal WC2018 research sugests you will now be facing a very solid defense and prolific attack. On top of it, this is the match where teams are more equivalent, when compared with all other last 16 stage matches. All in all, you’ll be facing a big challenge. Prognostics?

My prediction is that korea is different. We are good in penalty

2) Kim Jong-un is having unconfortable sleeping nights, as South Korea progresses in the World Cup. Are u looking to win the war preemptively by delivering him a long distance heart attack?

Kim Jong-un promises to make players with more talent than Messi.

3) In Valentine’s Day, Korean women show boyfriends their love by giving them presents. Not the other way around. How did Koreans convinced their women this was the “proper way to be”? Are they more intelligent than the rest of us?

Woman in korea are now robots, like replicants, buy the model of samsung RX, not only give you a present..

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