Russia Journal – Bomb and Kib’s previous remarks to their match! Did they forecast well?

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 20th

Bomb’s Australia goes into the last 16 round, coming out of Group 3 without defeats

1) With a squad with litle more than some sprinters, Australia managed to display an admirable regularity, finishing with 5 pts in Group 3. What did you add to the recipe, to make omelets without eggs?

Omelets without eggs – well, I think it is possible but please ask my wife for more details. As mentioned in the last interview I just discovered some nice qualities in some players and let them play new positions where they – at least in my eyes – perform much better. Honestly said: I think some of the former Australian national coaches had tomatos on there eyes.

2) Recent Journal WC2018 research sugest you will now be facing a serious challenge facing a solid defensive and offensive team. Besides Australia shows offensive frailties, once it was the team coming to this round with the least scored goals. What’s the strategy for this match?

Our strategy is to lull our oppoenents with a style which seem to be helpless. As long as we get no goal against us, everything is fine! I should not say it now, but we do respect nothing than our beloved kangaroos! In sense of football we just don’t care … it is not our national sport. We have nothing to lose.

3) Just in case your strategy does not work, can I sugest freeing a tasmanian devil (trained in Croatian flesh) in the pitch?

Mhhhhhh… I think that would turn my players nervous. Can you offer a Kangaroo instead?

Kib_diZ’s Croatia to face Bomb’s “swiss watch” Australia

1) Manager, apart from Mr. Bomb’s experience, recent Journal WC2018 research sugests all factors pile in your favor to achieve a win: a) Croatia’s solid defensive and offensive sectors, place you among a restrict club of only 4 very competente Managers; b) Croatia’s team is much better than Australia’s, by a margin like in no other match in this WC2018 round; c) Australia shows offensive frailties and was the team coming to this round with the least scored goals. Everyone seems to think 5-0 in your favor looks like a reasonable result. Agree?

I don’t expect easy walk in this match, that’s for sure. Despite of the fact that Australia is an underdog in the upcoming game, they have a first-class manager and a lot of decent players who can bring problems for us. So we can’t underestimate the opposition and got to play with full concentration.

2) In a recent flash interview, manager bill_bill sugested highly medaled managers shouldn’t win WC2018 because they already get the fame, money, ladies & swag! Considering Mr. Bomb is clearly one of them, can we count on you to send him home?

I will do my best. But it’s not about fame and swag… Our team want to make a whole nation proud and happy. Naprijed, Hrvatska!

3) A report says members of your staff have been seen setting up some Nikola Tesla’s type of gear alongside the pitch yesterday night. Are you looking to electrocute Australian players, in case they start running too much during the match?

Well… This is a secret information. The paparazzi who was taking the photos of our invention is gone missing already. So if you don’t want to repeat his fate I’m highly recommend you not to mention this device ever again.

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