Russia Journal 20th – Tim Iceland dream ended – Seth Belgium facing Dota Poland…

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 20th

Tim’s Iceland unable to cope with the high scoring tempo of Nestoroide’s Peru

1) Manager Tim, Iceland’s dream ended upon facing a powerful Peru. Walk us on the events of the match, will you?

It’s very difficult to talk after game like this. Nestoroide for Peru is like Del Bosque for Spain. My players had difficulties gaining control on the ball. Defence was out of question.

2) Reaching the last 16 KO round could be seen as a befitting result to Iceland’s capabilities. Viking fighting spirit didn’t travel with your team to Russia, for the extra push into a quarterfinals place?

It’s the first time we reach that stage of World Cup. People in Iceland are happy and let’s not forget that Peru is not England 🙂

3) I was told the majority of present-day Icelanders believe in Elves and Trolls. Will you try to justify this defeat by saying Peru players are in fact aliens using anti-gravity technology?

Peru players are anunnaki. They play football from another planet.

Belgium’s manager Seth facing a hard challenge vs Poland’s DoTa

1) Manager, tough match coming vs croud favorite DoTa. Are Polish fans in for one hard disappointment?

Of course, the polish team with his great manager DoTa is a very, very hard opponent. But my team is not taking part in this tournament to worship other teams and serve them tea and cookies. We respect DoTas skills but we will give our very best to make belgium great again!
By the way: betting odds are better playing vs favorite teams. Last chance to place a bet on me 🙂

2) Manager DoTa confided me he found Belgium’s achilles heel – having only 2 forwards – and he will be going for an early injury on one of them, forcing you to change tactics! Can curly hair Fellaini also play as striker?

I don’t understand the question. We are not playing with our bench 😊
Mr Fellaini is our secret weapon. If is haircut is in a good mood, it will play every position. You can use it as a one man defensive wall and opponent strikers do not see the goal anymore. The haircut can play as strike and the opposing goal keeper will see the ball too late.
But….is ist now our secret weapon anymore … ?
We also watched many games of the italian national team where you can learn how to get fouled but not getting injured. You know the italian team? They played many world cups in the past…before this one 😊

3) Recent Journal WC2018 research revealed:
a) Belgium & Poland are close teams in relative value, only differing by the 2nd lowest differential among all 8 games;
b) Poland Manager DoTa is the best improved player (SRN) during the WC2018, among all 16 players left;
c) Belgium’s low differential in scored vs conceded goals.

So, no significant advantage in team comparison, facing a prodigy manager and Belgium likely has unresolved defensive issues.What’s the game plan?

Uh, mate…lots of statistic. Do not trust statistic that you did not fake yourself. The truth is in the square. The game lasts 90 minutes. And now I have to pay lots of money for all those phrases 😊
We are looking forward to this game vs one of best manager around here. And our advantage is, that we have nothing to loose. If we loose, we’ll get drunk. If we win, we‘ll get drunk, too! So my team and me are about to win anyway 😊

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