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by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 19th

Boruc2’s Uruguay to face “Grandmaster” Iran’s bobbiebobras

1) So Manager, 8 goals on the Saudis in the Group stage. Easiest punching bag you ever hit?

And so 8 goals from the Saudi are a result of a good game of the whole team, it was not an easy match, although the result indicates otherwise the Saudi team had their chances to score goals in this match but good attitude showed our goalkeeper.

2) You will now be facing the best manager among the 16 teams competing, bobbiebobras. Are your world class strikers Suarez and Cavani shooting down the Iranians, anyway?

Of course I realize that I got the perfect manager who is Bobbie, but you have to roll up your sleeves and play with a lot of determination not to be aware of this beautiful event and advance to the next round.

3) Recent Journal WC2018 research sugests both teams have highly productive attack and very solid defense, which may end up in both teams cancel each other out. What will be the decisive factor in this game?

Both teams have a chance to get everything promoted by the upcoming match, probably both teams cheap courtesy does not sell so it promises to be an interesting meeting.

Enbino’s England disapointing fans by losing to the less skilled Gatifun’s Japan

1) Manager, dispite clearly dominating Group 7 and having all kinds of offensive solutions, once again England ins’t able to reach the later stages of a main tournament. What went wrong with the match? Did Mr. gatifun’s tactics prevailed?

We are so believed in ourselves that we didnt build a team tactic for tha game. 🙂 Even i said go to the pitch and play as u like. But then we saw japanese were so stubborn and also playing well, so we were surpised.
In defence we are sure to head the ball but interestingly japanese did some curve ball and headed them in ! May be we think somebody from us would surely head the ball away , but it happened reverse.

2) Rumor has it that Wayne Rooney took several team members partying to the Metelitsa Casino, the night before the match vs Japan. Can you confirm? What punishment are you imposing on them?

We went there as a team . It was a fasnicating , enjoyable night. I left abit early at 2. a. m. and sure i strictly told my players to leave the casino at far 3. a. m. May be they didn’t i dont know . I was a bit drunk 😉

3) After this loss, the Queen suggested you should take part in the running down hill cheese-rolling competition… permanently. The winner gets to keep the cheese. Will you indulge the Queen by making this your next job?

Before this loss, I was about to make a contract with Manchester Utd. But later they called and said they are thinking someone else instead. ohh who cares , i would buy a house near the seaside and thinking about fishing in my retirement.
They said Queen phoned me but i didnt have chance to make a contact with her , because we were busy in the bar with rooney probably making serious revision of the match played. Rooney was making celebrations because he tought that we won the game.
Then he felt sorry for the loss and offered me a beer. We can join the cheese competition as a whole team. By the way, Rooney claims he can catch the cheese with his mouth easily!

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