Russia Journal – 18th – France’s LaTower scores only 1 pts in Group 3 & goes home

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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December 7th

France’s LaTower scores only 1 pts in Group 3 & goes home

1) Manager, today’s newspaper referers you could one day be considerered a visionair, because of how your tactics were able to nullify your own team. Do you feel this remark makes you justice?

Afer the hardwork, i´m now in my meditation and relax escape from France to Tibet. I think that we had extremly bad luck. As a visionair, i must tell you one example of it: we had the bad luck to go out everynight before the matches… and then we have a “bad luck hang over” during games… tell me that wasn´t bad luck!

2) So far you haven’t resign your position, dispite your underachievings. Ence, do you think the French may be conspiring on a new revolution, bringing back the old but effective guillotine?

I rather the bonfire as Javier Krahe said!

3) I heard the French army has a position open as carrier pigeons manager. I’m not sure pigeons are also able to play football, but will you consider this position as your next professional experience?

We played once against a pingeons team, and we lose, so i think they dont want me as a manager. But no problem, im on charge of the nuclear program now, everybody safe.

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