Russia WC Journal – Dec 14th – Coca Cola cruises Egypt…

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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Coca Cola cruises Egypt to 1st place in Group 1, overcoming favorite Uruguay

1) Egypt reached 9 pts, with limited resources in all team sectors. Is Mohamed Salah a “1 man show” or you strategized in hieroglyphs so your players would understand the tactic better?

It is a surpise for us to get 9 points. Don’t be mistaken that Muhammed Salah becomes nominee for the top goal scorer. Behind this success is a real team game .It is true that I write the tactics on hieroglyps but sure I cant share them with u

2) I have to disclose you something… WC2018 Journal has an insider in your staff. He just revealed you are working on a “home-cooked” secret tactic based on camels: they can kick in all 4 directions. Are you expecting to boost your goal scoring with it?

We benefited a lot from the shooting technics and milk giving technics of the camles. Without them we cannot get promoted in the group. Our trainings of bicycle kick, free kicks, corners and banana cross balls already started to give out the good results.

3) In case you win the WC2018, the Egyptian Football Federation proposed you as prize the greatest Egyptian honour there is: being mummified with all procedures and rituals & then sent to the Afterlife to dwell among the stars with the dead Pharaohs… and you accepted. Can’t you see that’s the Egyptian equivalent bullshit story to Santa Claus?

It is an honour for me to win the WC2018. We are positive about being mummied as a whole team and just want to bring the world cup to Egypt. With Santa Claus, his deers and our camels, we won’t leave any non-visited planet among the stars. Manager Coca Cola further added “we have the game plan for the final safe & hidden in one of the pyramids!”

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