Russia WC Journal – December 7th

by Gatifun & bill_bill

December 8th

Saudi Arabia out of the WC 2018 – manager Mr. Playaveli explains

1) Saudi Arabia is the 1st team confirmed out of the WC 2018 & possibly last placed due to goal average. Are you afraid the King issue your decapitation before your 3rd & final match?

Fortunately, decapitation won’t be an issue. The King is busy with taking his wife to the driving school, since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now allowed women to drive cars! Phew…

2) Remembering known cases of Gerard Depardieu and Edward Snowden, will you also be seeking asylum in Russia? Does mother Russia’s cold feel sweeter now?

There were no whistles to blow, hence I don’t have to seek asylum. I’ve recieved a job offer to train the Russian ski team. Not how to ski, but how to take drugs properly without failing the doping tests.

3) Any manager able to steer Saudi Arabia into a more respectable result in the next World Cup?

I heard the Saudis are looking into Meghan Markle, after they heard she will be a Princess, soon!

December 7th

Croatia’s manager Mr. Kib_diZ easy task?

3rd Group match vs Argentina looms on the horizon.
Manager, two wins in two games & qualified to the next phase. Look’s like your cruising Croatia in a sea of tranquility. Have you been adding Red Bull on the players mourning milk?

Guys played first two matches confidently and calmly, getting advantage in a very difficult group.
No red bull and milk! My players drink water and tea only! To achieve the result we need to adhere to the right diet!

Have you consider increasing the odds of Lionel Messi winning the world Cup he is not able to reach by himself, by resting some players on the 3rd Group match?

Participation in the next match of Nikola Kalinic is under question, because he received an ankle sprain in the last match against Iceland. All other players are in full combat readiness and eager to play against one of the favorites of the current championship.

Japan’s Manager Mr. Gatifun confided me he is scared shitless of loosing the 3rd Group match and being invited by Japan’s Emperor to commit harakiri (Japanese ritual suicide).
Would you be so kind to allow Luka Modric to put on some make-up, dye his hair black & help them out?

Cheating in football is completely out of the question! I am confident that Mr. GATIFUN will be able to achieve a positive result with Japan without any help from other teams. Mr. GATIFUN is an experienced coach, and the Japanese have an indestructible spirit of samurai heritage.

Here you can see Mr Gatifun at the time he received this great Mr Kib_diz’s remark…

December 8th

Iceland’s manager Mr. Tim required to deliver, as expectations fly high after the European Championship performance.

1) Manager Tim, do you really believe all that hand clapping technique is going to scare your opponents here in Russia?

Bua! My team is fired up for this World Cup. We just landed from Iceland few days back so my boys still need time to adjust to the hot weather in here. We did not come to scare our opponents, just to spread love and play some world class football.

2) 3 pts in 2 games with the powerhouse Argentina still to play all 3 Group matchs, is a gloomy scenario for Iceland’s expectations. Will Sigurdsson orchestrate Iceland to the next phase?

That’s a tough question. We lost the second game to Croatia due to their good performance and because the guy in charge of translation fell in love with a girl from Siberia, so my boys did not understand fully my instructions. First time to hear Sigurdsson is into classical music.

3) Your team has been acused by the press of not occupying pitch space appropriately. Have you consider handing your players some Viagra so they could at least occupy MORE space?

We are about to properly occupy the pith in our last game. All the families of the players are coming for the last game. They are fired up to occupy anything possible.

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