Russia WC Journal – December 6th

by Gatifun & bill_bill

December 6th

A happy happy happy Swedish coach!!!

Xflea’s Sweden hammers 5 on Germany!
No obstacles seem to be able to stop Sweden! Is Sweden good at building drilling machines?

Yes we are! And we’re gonna drill all the way to Zion. HEJA SVERIGE!!!

Ibrahimovic decided not to be in this squad. Will you make him cry like a baby, by steering Sweden to the WC 2018 title?

Don’t you dare to talk low of Zlatan! Title is not able to make Zlatan cry, Zlatan makes the title cry he is not getting it 😛

bonus photo: the big one is Zlatan, the little one is the title

In Sweden, you can take sick leave during your vacation if you are ill. Do you guys still believe in Santa Claus?

We can even get paternity leave in second half if needed! Santa Claus left Sweden a long time ago as it is extremely difficult to get high percentage alcohol here…

Today Scores

Croatia (Kib_diz) 2 – 0 Islandia (Tim)
Sweden (Xflea) 5 – 1 Germany (Jose69)
Brazil (Galatapalace) 1 – 4 Costa Rica (djowGer)

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