Russia WC Journal – December 5th . Last edition :)

by Gatifun & bill_bill

December 5th – last edition

omg what s happening in wcup?

Egypt coach CocaCola talks after game vs Uruguay (Boruc2)

omg what s happening in wcup?
at 70th min uruguay (boruc) leading vs egypt (cocacola)
The referee pointing the pen spot as Mohammend Salah penetrating in to the pen area is brought down by uruguay players.
Uruguayan supporters are anxious.What the hell is this pen for ?
Muslera flying to reach the ball but Ahmedi Hassan shooted strong far close to the goalpost and it is in!The score is 2-1 !
Egypt now getting the wind behind, become uncatchable and here is the result and the statistics…

December 5th – Last edition

Portugal’s manager caustic prognosis for the upcoming match vs Iran (Bobbie)

“This is clearly a team we didn’t want to face. Football ineptitude at its finest, only supported by the petrodollar money lobby… disgraceful!
In fact it is said, behind closed doors, that Iran’s 2030 World Cup hosting bid may already be interfering with the referees work here in Russia.

It is of FIFA’s interest that football gains traction among Iranians & nothing better than “handing” them good results in the previous World Cup editions.
So its’s a game were Ronaldo’s quality will likely not be enough & Mr. bobbie’s tactical skills won’t even be needed.

Expecting the unexplainable from the referee is a given & we can only pray and hope for the best.”


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