Russia World Cup Journal – December 5th

by Gatifun & bill_bill

December 5th

Interview to the awesome and handsome Mr Gatifun (Japan), by bill_bill

1) Mr. Gatifun, 1 win, 1 loss & 3 pts so far, with 1 match to go. All in Japan’s hands to advance onto the next phase. Do you accept the responsability to bag a win in the 3rd match?

Yes, indeed. I will only have an offer to sell tamagotchis if I lose 3rd match.

2) First match defeat vs Coolio Jack’s protégée manager DoTa didn’t seem to afect your team’s spirit, since you rebounded immediately with a win.
Any change Japan can merge this psychological resilience with some of Captain Tsubasa’s acrobatics and some jiu jitsu martial art, to surprise Senegal?

We have improved focusing and good playing… Just in case, we have prepared plenty of acrobats and jiu jitsu movs. In case they are not enough, we have some little katanas hidden under shorts too.

3) What’s the plan to stop gazelle wingers Sadio Mane & Keita Baldé?

Hummm, eeehhh, uuuuuh, can you tell me tamagotchis prizes pls?

4) One final word for the fans at home?

Yeah, of course. I want world to know that Japan is not only Captain Tsubasa, Kamikazes & Samurais. It is also Matzinger Z, Dragon’s ball, Hello Kitty & Doraemon, be serius bill_bill!!!


December 5th

Open question to Mr Bomb (AUSTRALIA) after his first world cup match: Denmark (Hairfu) 1 – Australia (Bomb) 2

We were told by an anonymous source that you played a series of unofficial matches against Portugal, few days prior to the World Cup, in which you were severely beaten suffering many goals.

Was this narrow win vs Denmark an evolution from those games & is Australia a clear contender to win Group 3 or is this win just covering a profound weakness in your squad?”

We’ve just got Mr Bomb comments!

Indeed, I think this an evolution coming out of the test-match-marathon against Portugal. Bill_bill, great games man btw.!!! oops…

As new coach of Australia I did not knew my team, its strength and weaknesses so well, but now I know. SO against Denmark I putted my best Defenders (which are not defenders for being honest) in the defense, discovered the sleeping potential of some bench-players end ended up in a pretty lucky 2-1 victory which was mainly a merit of my Goalkeeper which is underestimated in my eyes.

The weakness of my team is profound, but I think I can handle this. oops… lets change topic.
Winning Group 3? Are you crazy???!! Didn’t you see how Peru ripped Denmark, and France did not even start to play! Sorry, I slept like shit tonight. Maybe we can make it to KOs,, we’ll see..



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